About Us

About Kerry.

Im Kerry.  I cook things.  I bake things.  I create a fair number of kitchen disasters, too.  Three years ago I thought that I would never set foot in a kitchen.  I ate a lot of take out, pizzas and frozen stuff.  I felt sluggish, didnt like my body very much and felt in pretty poor health.  Right around my 30th birthday, I decided to change all that.

I taught myself how to cook, started running and dropped a whole bunch of weight.  Now Im happy and healthy and I found out a lot of my friends wanted to know what I was cooking.  Ive created this blog to share my no-nonsense, take-your-time, just-good-food recipes and techniques that have taken me years to master (Im using master loosely here) in the hopes that others will develop a passion for food and cooking in the same way I have.

I live in Chicago and have for more than ten years.  By day Im an attorney at a midsized firm downtown.  On summer weekends I can usually be found on the Lakefront Path in the morning getting in a few good miles before heading home to cook, write recipes and indulge in a few porch beers.  Come wintertime youll still find me on the Path, just for a few fewer miles.  I also dont drink beer on the porch in January.  I also hang out a lot with my good buddy and sous-chef, Corby.

About our sous-chef

This is Corby.  Hes a lemon beagle mix.  Hes 9 years old and he couldnt be happier that his moms learned to cook.  He always licks the bowl and helps me clean up the kitchen floor.  Hes also been known to get a full pancake breakfast if mom makes too much. Corby enjoys long walks to the dog park, chasing rabbits, sniffing other dogs butts, and snuggling under blankets with his mom.