How are extremely expensive espresso machines (at high-end coffee shops) different from less expensive ones?

Espresso machines have been a huge part of all our lives over the las few years. The coffee drinking craze among people around the world has grown tremendously. One of the biggest reasons for this is the relaxing effect coffee has on our body. A number of coffee cafes have cropped up everywhere around us adding to this this craze. People are buying some of the best home espresso machine for their houses also.


Today, the market is full of a number of different coffee makers. These machines are available in a number of different shapes and sizes, price range and have different features. But have you ever wondered how these machines are so different from each other? What extra features does the expensive espresso machine have over the less expensive ones? Let us find out.

Build Quality

The first thing that spending a few extra bucks on an espresso machine will massively improve the material used to build the machine. Instead of using plastic, copper or brass pieces and parts, the machine will be made out of long-lasting stainless steel. It helps to provide a sturdy look to the espresso maker while also making sure that it doesn’t get damage to easily.


Another big advantage that the most expensive best home espresso machine has over their cheaper counterparts is the capacity of the water tank. You can brew a larger quantity of coffee using the bigger tank capacity in the expensive models as compared to the smaller tanks on the low priced models. You can also opt for coffee bean grinders and brew best quality coffee at your home.

Number of Boilers

Boilers are very necessary for heating the milk and water to optimum temperature during the coffee brewing process. Most of the expensive coffee machines usually use multiple boilers to keep the temperature of the liquids exactly as you want them whereas the temperature in the low cost espresso makers might not be that high as you want it because of the presence of a single boiler.

Programmable Functions

Most of the high-end espresso makers have a number of pre-programmed recipes and function buttons added on their front panel to assist you in making different coffee recipes. These functionalities also allow you to add your own custom-made recipe or make changes to the pre-included recipes. This type of functionality is not available in some of the cheaper variants of espresso makers. They only include a limited amount of recipes which make standard variants of coffee and don’t allow you to change anything about it.

Frothing Capabilities

Some of the high-end best home espresso machine includes an in-built frother. It is very useful to froth the milk correctly and help you in making da number of beverages including macchiato, Americano, and cappuccinos. The frother is used to create a spout for the pressurized milk to flow from in the espresso machine. The pressure needs to be perfect for the espresso to be made. Although frother is like a bonus addition that most users can live without, still it helps those who want to drink specialized drinks as it is not available in most of the cheaper espresso machines.

The Last Words

The number of features in an espresso machine determines its price range. Always look out for the money for value deals when you are looking to buy espresso machines. The high-end models will have a number of extra features as compared to the lower end models. Some of these features might be useful for you while some of them might just be flashy things that you can live without.