Katherine Anne Confections Launch Party

If you live in (or visit) Chicago and you havent checked out Katherine Anne Confections yet, its about time you did.  Katherine Anne has been dreaming up, creating and selling amazing locally-sourced truffles, caramels and marshmallows since 2006.  Its an absolute tragedy that I didnt find out about her and her shop until last year.  But since I attended my first truffle party Ive been an evangelical follower of her creative confiserie.

This is a woman who has truly followed her passion.  She started creating caramels using cream produced by her familys Wisconsin dairy farm at age ten and slowly grew her business until it launched as Katherine Anne Confections in 2006.  Katherine uses local ingredients and partners with local chefs to create some of the most interesting and unusual flavor profiles Ive ever encountered using chocolate or otherwise.

About a week ago I attended my first confection launch party since Katherine opened retail sales at the confiserie. The launch parties are an incredible value: for $25 you get access to the production space at the confiserie where up to 15 flavors of truffles, marshmallows and caramels are set up for sampling.  You also get wine and savory snacks to help you balance out all of the sweet.  Its a great weekday event because the party is open-house style, with attendees arriving and leaving at their leisure.  You can stay a little while or, as far as I know, for the entire three hour event.  Ill warn you, though these ultra-premium sweets are intense.  Im rarely able to sample more than one small bite of each!

The confiserie itself is impossibly charming, decorated with navy blue embossed walls, heart-backed wrought iron chairs and an enticing display of sweets and treats.  Theres a crystal chandelier hanging over a moss green setee and chair set where I imagine myself on a cold day luxuriating over a cup of drinking chocolate that was voted one of the Best Things We Ate and Drank in 2012 by TimeOut Chicago magazine.  The cold version theyre serving up for the summer months is curiously rich and delicious without seeming overly heavy a mean feat to accomplish when serving it up in 95 degree heat in the Chicago summer.

I really hope that Katherine has her eye on an Edgewater location. Logan Square is just not easy enough to get to for me to go as often as Id like!  Until then, if you want to meet me check out the schedule for Katherines confection launch parties.  Im sure to be there.